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Artist Bio

I have had a paint brush in my hand ever since I was little. I used to watch my dad create the "paint by numbers" paintings every Sunday morning until I was able to do it myself. It told you where to put what color so my focus was to paint inside the lines, never venturing beyond.

Never thinking there was an option.

From elementary school to college I took every art and

architecture drafting class I could get into.

My work is greatly influenced by art masters Monet, Dufy, Van Gogh, Matisse, Dali, Lichtenstein and Pollock; my work is best described as Contemporary Impressionism.

While there have been many inspiring teachers, my greatest personal influences were my Aunt Blanche Plafson(artist) in the mid 1960's from Miami, FL. I would watch her for hours.

During college Marvin Saltzman, was my art professor at UNC Chapel Hill (1978-80). Professor Saltzman pushed me out and beyond my comfort zone and allowed me to enjoy chance and challenge. In 2000 I studied with Helena Guindon atop a mountain in Costa Rica for a week. Each day I would hike through the banana field and up through a rain forest path to get to a cabin overlooking the Pacific Ocean. She taught me how to draw in 1, 2 & 3 minutes sketches to capture the main focus of the moment. This runs throughout my work today. After painting with acrylics for 40 years I am now working with Connie Logan in Greensboro, a local accomplished artist, learning oils at night class. I now really love oil painting too and her techniques have been great to learn.

Growing up in Virginia Beach, VA  surrounded by water, you will see I love ocean horizons of sunrises and sunsets coupled with bright Caribbean colors.

I put a piece of me in every canvass and it gives me back more. I am available for commission work and will soon have art for sale.

Thank you for visiting my art site, Gary Simon.

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