Repose (Monteverde, Costa Rica)

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Contemporary Impressionism


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“Monteverde School Overlook”
Rest Stop-Costa Rica -Mt Arenal
Blanche Remembered
Horizon at Sunset on Ocean
Horizon II_4641.jpg
Monteverde -2 Cloud Forest
Chapel Hill Hwy 86- Kinnard
Warm Front
Blustery Day
Repose (Monteverde, Costa Rica
Zuchinni & Flower Still Life
Still Life - Kinnard, Chapel Hill
Crystal Lake- My 1st Painting
Still Life -Gadson 1979
Belzona Barge 14"x11" May 2020
Studio Doodle 14"x11"
Study on George Laakso, Sculptor, Carver, Welder
Odessa Wine in Courtyard
"Bridge Splits Sunrise"
George Laakso in Studio with sculptures

My Profile

About Gary Simon

I have had a paint brush in my hand ever since I was little. I used to watch my dad create the "paint by numbers" paintings every Sunday morning until I was able to do it myself. It told you where to put what color so my focus was on paint inside the lines, never venturing beyond. Never thinking there was an option.

However, In elementary school, there were no rules like that....and that is where I got to use my imagination, I busted loose in creativity. Throughout high school and college I took every art and architectual drafting class I could get into. I always loved to draw at home & at school even when I did painting, collages or built with popsicle sticks. I was very lucky I got to go to summer day camps full of art classes and projects. I learned to sculpt clay and chisel wood to create figurines.

I always loved outer space & followed the entire space journeys of the 1960's....... I always dreamed to be an astronaut when I grew up. I drew hundreds and hundreds of spaceship stories and adventures.

Look to see a lot of planets and celestial themes in my work.

Being greatly influenced by Salvador Dali blended with Monet & Matisse .... my work is best described as Contemporary Impressionism.

While there have been many inspiring teachers, my greatest influences were my Aunt Blanche Plafson (painter) and Marvin Saltzman, my art professor at UNC Chapel Hill (1978-80). Professor Saltzman pushed me out and beyond my comfort zone and allowed me to enjoy chance and challenge. In 2000 I attended a week long drawing and painting class atop a mountain in Costa Rica. Each day I would hike through the banana feid and up through a rain forest path to get to a cabin. Each day I would draw and paint the surroundings with techniques form my teacher Helena Guindon. I was in a class of two and she taught me how to draw in 1, 2 & 3 minutes sketches to capture the main focus of the moment. This runs throughout my work today.

Growing up in Virginia Beach surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, it is no surprise that many of my paintings lean towards the blue palette and have a "floaty mystical" feeling.

Scuba diving coupled with underwater photography is my other passion, so you will see ocean themes and marine life in my work. Sunrises and sunsets on the ocean horizon are favorites.

I use acrylics on canvas because they dry quickly and I can easily adapt my ideas as they spring forth. Many times, mistakes lead down new paths, producing an entirely different and often a better painting. Acrylics allow for that generous ebb and flow of creativity ranging from a was of watercolors to hard blended colors.

It is my hope that you enjoy my work as much as I did creating it! I put a piece of me in every canvass and it gives me back more :) 


My Inspirations

Passion, Spirit, a story to tell

No Title
No Title
Costa Rica Journey, Circa 1995
Bird Bath, Jeff Hankins
Wash Women 24x30"
Wash Women Group, Blanche Plafson



Child Escapes
Mountains Horizon for Saltzman
Chapel Hills
Sunset in Woods, 2019
Burl Bird
Flying Pyramids
Tsu fill ungpatchet (Much tu much)
Planet Energy
Machine that pays for itself

My Works in Process

"So much to do, so little time.... or is little to do and so much time ?? "

Willie Wonka

Roatan reef wall dive
Retention pond
Towers of 6 Slicing
Landscapes Converging
Tropical Shadows
Geometric Men Arriving
Odessa Cafe & Wine (in process)
Study on Dufy
IMG_4625 (1).jpg

“Art is not a thing, it is a way”

Elbert Hubbard



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