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Gary Simon, Artist

Contemporary Impressionism

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My Approach

When one views my art they are invited to discover many things, ask questions and simply enjoy the energy. My goal as an artist in each painting is to capture the attention of viewer with my emotion I give to each painting.  Having one look continuously at the canvass while sparking their emotion is core goal I have.  I use a blend of techniques a little different in each piece to place vibrant color and texture into motion.
Whether I am painting in acrylic or oil, I use paint straight out of the tube and do my color mixing and blending in the moment on the canvass. I find this really captures my energy and reveals spontaneity. You will find a combination of brush, knife and finger painting in my work as I typically want to translate my emotions quickly to balance energy with composition.
I describe my artwork as Contemporary Impressionism.

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My Work

My Inspirations, Works in Process, Instagram

A day at the beach.jpg
Blue Gat3
Repose (Monteverde, Costa Rica
“Monteverde School Overlook”
Rest Stop-Costa Rica -Mt Arenal
Blanche Remembered
Horizon at Sunset on Ocean
Horizon II_4641.jpg
Monteverde -2 Cloud Forest
Chapel Hill Hwy 86- Kinnard
Blustery Day
Warm Front
Study on Dufy.jpg
Still Life - Kinnard, Chapel Hill
"Bridge Splits Sunrise"
Belzona Barge 14"x11" May 2020
Study on George Laakso, Sculptor, Carver, Welder
Still Life -Gadson 1979
Studio Doodle 14"x11"
Zuchinni & Flower Still Life
Wine in Courtyard
Crystal Lake- My 1st Painting
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Mountains Horizon for Saltzman
Chapel Hills
Sunset in Woods, 2019
Burl Bird
Flying Pyramids
Tsu fill ungpatchet (Much tu much)
Planet Energy
Machine that pays for itself
Child Escapes
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My Inspirations

Passion, Spirit, a story to tell

No Title
No Title
Costa Rica Journey, Circa 1995
Bird Bath, Jeff Hankins
Wash Women 24x30"
Wash Women Group, Blanche Plafson
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My Works in Process

"So much to do, so little time.... or is little to do and so much time ?? "

Willie Wonka

Roatan reef wall dive
Towers of 6 Slicing
Tropical Shadows
Study on Dufy
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IMG_4625 (1).jpg

“Art is not a thing, it is a way”

Elbert Hubbard

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My Instagram feed will refresh the latest

mix of my paintings and posts.

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Home: Instagram
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